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Gift Certificates

gift-certificateTreat family or a friend to a regular cleaning. Let them sit back and enjoy having a professional do the work! A cleaning gift by a professional bonded service is a great idea!

Whether it be a “one time” gift of house cleaning for someone, or offering some helping hands for ‘move-in’ or ‘move-out’ house cleaning, it’s sure to be appreciated.

Call in Houseproud helpers for Spring or Fall cleanings, kitchen cleanings, remodeling clean-up, or for hard scrubbing of woodwork and baseboards.

Reduce the stress or conflict of a friend or loved one about getting their housecleaning done. Help them do tasks they can’t keep up with, or can’t do safely.

All customers qualify for a free estimate with no obligation, giving you the opportunity to meet us and ensuring you will be comfortable with us coming into your home, or another’s. We will tell you what we do to ensure the honesty and trustworthiness of our staff and answer any questions that you may have. Call us today!