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Cleaning Tips

Unclogging a drain (a less toxic approach)
There are cleaners found in common products of most kitchens which may be less toxic than commercial compounds.Two common items often found in the kitchen are vinegar and baking soda. Pour some baking soda down a clogged drain and then pour some vinegar after it. They foam aggressively. If you then cap the drain the pressure may unclog it.
Cleaning a window (with non-toxic cleanser)
>Perhaps the most successful way to clean windows is with a little Dawn (the original blue) in water. We have found this to be the best way to remove the ocean spray. For professional window cleaning services give Houseproud a call at 623-8185.
Removing Odors with Baking Powder
>Keep a container of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in the refrigerator to reduce odors.You can also sprinkle it on a smelly carpet, leave it for a while and vacuum it up later to reduce the odor. Did you know that you can even use baking powder in place of a toothpaste?
Removing Oil and Grease
A product called Simple Green works great for general cleaning, and is especially effective on grease or oil residue. A big plus is that Simple Green is non-toxic, biodegradable, and is an environmentally safe product. It’s a pleasure with greasy or oil engine parts or tools. Just keep soaking and wiping down without worry of damaging the environment (or yourself) as with strong solvents. For more information on this product see the Simple Green website at www.simplegreen.com
Construction & Remodeling
To cut down on dust and dirt getting into your furniture or into closets and drawers — cover settee, chairs and bed covers with a sheet to keep the bulk of dust off surfaces and from penetrating. A sheet is a lot easier to wash than having to wash bedding and having upholstery cleaned. Cover closet doors with plastic tape all around to cut down on dust infiltration, tape with painter’s tape (blue) — it is less sticky and easier to remove. Don’t use masking tape. After awhile it gets very sticky and is hard to remove, and the worst is if the sun shines on it, making it nearly impossible to remove completely.
Waxing Floors
We don’t recommend waxing of the kitchen or bathroom floors! These floor areas frequently have water spills. If a person slips on water puddling on a waxed floor they will go down twice as hard and subject themselves to a more serious injury than if the floor was not waxed.
Cleaning Rags
It seems like you can never have enough rags when it comes to cleaning. That’s why it’s sensible to wash your cleaning rags rather than toss them. But did you know you should never wash your cleaning rags with a fabric softener?Fabric softener will result in the washed rags not being able to completely absorb the dirt you are trying to remove with them. And on glass, the rags will always leave a film.
Liquid Soap (in place of bar soap)
Use liquid soap instead of bar soap for washing your hands in kitchens and bathrooms. No need to buy a dispenser because now-a-days the soap is already in a dispenser when purchased. It’s a modern marvel!No more bars of soap with dirt and grime stuck in their cracks or areas mired in grunge around where the bar sits. Also, many believe, and rightly so, that the antibacterial effect of liquid soap is superior.