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About Us

Residential, construction, commercial, model homes, move-ins/out, spring cleanings and small offices, Houseproud does all aspects of the cleaning in these categories, including windows and carpet cleaning. We also invite Vacation Rentals and Absentee Owners.Top quality work performed by qualified caring professionals, who take great pride in their work and give everything they do that very personal touch. Houseproud is locally owned and operated, covering most of the island of O`ahu, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Hawaii’s top house cleaning service…
  • Fully insured
  • All work is guaranteed
  • Serving Hawaii since 1982
We take Pride in Cleaning your home… We are a cleaning company that takes pride in cleaning your home. Houseproud also specializes in construction cleaning of new homes, renovations and remodeling.

If you already have a cleaning company with whom you are satisfied, it is not my policy to solicit work away from that company. If you ever have additional work or, if you are currently seeking a cleaning company that does quality work, performed by qualified caring professionals, would you be so kind as to consider us.

My business is built on quality work and service to the customer; our motto is “We work to your satisfaction.” If you are looking for an honest, reliable and dependable company with people of integrity, please contact us. — Jean Patterson, President, and member of The Better Business Bureau.